This area of the website is reserved for current members of the Mile High Freedom Bands.  If you are interested in joining us, please click here to get more information and contact our membership coordinator!

Current members can access our new Charms system for all membership-related activities here.  If you click and it asks for a “school code”, use MHFB.

New to Charms?

  • Charms is a new management system MHFB is using to handle member records, finances, inventory, files, volunteers, attendance, and more!
  • Many of the links that were on this page have now moved into your membership account on Charms, such as: member information, dues payments, the membership handbook, the season calendar PDF, a leadership contact sheet, the FreedomPulse archive, and more.
  • If you are a new member or haven’t setup your Charms account yet, click here to get started!
    • Click on “NEW Students Click Here!”
      • Yes, the system refers to ‘students’.  Charms was originally designed for schools but has recently branched out to serve organizations like ours.  Any references to ‘students’ means ‘members’ in our case.  Changing terminology should be in a future Charms update.
    • Fill out the form and click “Register”
      • NOTE:  The “Student ID” is your username. This is not assigned by us, you make it up.
    • The membership coordinator will confirm everything with you!
  • More information on Charms can be found in the FAQ handout.


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