Mission of the Mile High Freedom Bands

As the preeminent LGBT instrumental music organization of the Rocky Mountain region, the Mile High Freedom Bands perform musical events that engage, excite, educate, and entertain audiences and develop performers of all abilities.  The Mile High Freedom Bands are committed to making a positive contribution to the LGBT and other communities through our performances and activities.


The MHFB Story

In April 1984, a small group of instrumentalists came together to create the Denver Gay and Lesbian Community Band, founded by Robert Brown.  Bob’s goal was to provide a forum for men and women of all backgrounds to create music together, educate the community, and meet new friends.  A few months later, the band’s name was changed to the Mile High Freedom Band.  From humble and brave beginnings until today, MHFB has served the Denver community through music.  When public scrutiny of LGBT organizations was high during the early days of AIDS, MHFB provided an accepting place for musicians of all orientations.  The members of the band joined together to serve our community, provide a social organization for musicians, and develop high-quality musical ensembles.  We are open to all who respect the diversities in life, including the LGBTQ community and allies.  Through our performances and activities, we provide educational, cultural, and social enrichment for our members and audiences and strive to make a positive contribution to the community.  MHFB is an established charitable organization and a member of the international Lesbian and Gay Bands Association (LGBA), having participated in performances around the world in support of the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) as well as recent Presidential Inaugurations.  As we now celebrate over thirty years, MHFB is poised to continue our exceptional growth and continue to delight audiences old and new.


mhfb-main-450px-black216 South Grant St.
Denver, CO 80209
720.515.MHFB (6432)