Membership FAQs

This FAQ covers the most common questions regarding membership in the Mile High Freedom Bands.  If your question isn’t answered here, just email us at or call us at 720.515.6432!

Some of the Basics

  • When and where does MHFB rehearse?
    • Freedom Swing rehearses regularly on Tuesdays and Freedom Winds on Thursdays from 7-9pm.  Other ensemble rehearsal schedules vary based on the performance schedule.  All rehearsals take place at Historic Grant Avenue, 216 South Grant St in Denver.
  • Can I join at any time?
    • You are welcome to check out MHFB any time during the season!  We do ask you to be at minimum number of rehearsals to be able to perform at a concert.  If it’s close to a performance, you can come check us out, sit in a rehearsal and then formally join for the next performance!
  • Are there any eligibility requirements to join MHFB?
    • MHFB welcomes musicians of any age, any ability, and any identity within our band family.  Our ensembles and performances provide opportunities for differing abilities and even different musical styles.  Active membership requires either dues payments or approved scholarships (see the finance section below for more info on dues), and regular rehearsal attendance (see the time commitment section below).
  • Are there limits to how many people can play in a section?
    • We do not have any section membership limits.  We welcome anyone who wants to play in the bands.  The sizes of each section change from concert to concert and our artistic staff programs accordingly for whomever is playing with the band!
  • What is the time commitment to be a part of MHFB?
    • The time commitment will vary depending on the ensembles you play with and what volunteer activities you choose to participate in.  Generally, there are three main areas you’ll spend your time with MHFB.
      • Rehearsals:  We usually have 10 to 14 rehearsals for a concert and we ask you to attend at least 75% of these.  
      • Performances:  Performance day commitments vary, but you’ll usually have to arrive about an hour before show time and remain briefly after concerts to help clean-up.  
      • Volunteering:  As a non-profit community group, volunteering is an essential part of what makes MHFB.  Some people choose to donate items, make financial donations, choose to help for event setup, represent MHFB in the community, or serve on the board or committees.  When everybody lends a hand, all of the work of the band gets done and no one has to do it all alone!


  • Do I have to have a certain musical skill level to be in MHFB?
    • The MHFB ensembles are made up of a wide range of abilities from those with music degrees to those who are just picking up their instrument again for the first time in years.  The key to success will be how much you’re willing to put into it!  Our artistic staff and most section leaders offer individual lessons and support and we have small ensembles to help work on skills and develop musicians of any abilities.  Wherever you are in your musical journey, we have a place for you and we can help you be successful with MHFB.
  • Is an audition required to join the band?
    • No, we do not require any form of audition.
  • How are parts assigned?
    • Parts are assigned by section leaders.  Generally, each section is free to distribute parts however they choose.  If you want to play specific parts, make sure your section leader knows your preferences!

Dues and Finances

  • Are there dues required to be a member of MHFB?
    • Yes.  Dues are $50 per concert that you perform in payable before the concert date with a maximum of $200 per season.  
  • Are dues scholarships available?
    • Yes!  We offer partial and full scholarships to all MHFB members.  MHFB will never let dues stop someone from being a part of our band family!
  • Are there other financial obligations?
    • There are times when monetary or item donations are requested, however these would not affect your membership in the band.  We also provide opportunities for members to support the band through song sponsorships, employer matching, and more.  

About the Bands

  • Do I have to be LGBT to join the band?
    • MHFB welcomes any person who is affirming of all of the magnificent colors of diversity in life.  Members of the band are part of an organization that is welcoming and accepting of people regardless of how they identify.
  • Can I hear what MHFB sounds like?
  • Does MHFB support the community outside of the band?
    • Part of our mission is to support the community!  MHFB has lead the Pride children’s parade, performed at the Denver AIDS Walk, played in front of the City/County Building for the holidays, went caroling to Dave’s Place, Rainbow Alley, and Ronald McDonald House, offered discount and comp tickets to organizations like Denver ArtReach and The GLBT Center of Colorado, and more.  Our members are encouraged to present opportunities to support the community to the board and artistic staff!
  • Are there opportunities to support the band for someone who doesn’t play an instrument?
    • Absolutely!  MHFB is always in need of volunteers to support the band through event setup, front-of-house services, logistical support, arts and crafts creation, and more.  Check out the webpage on Support > Volunteer for more information or to contact us about volunteering.
  • How big is MHFB?
    • In the 2015-16 season, the Mile High Freedom Bands had an active membership of about 85 musicians and several support personnel.